Friday, January 17, 2014

Love This...

Classic.Understated.Effortlessly Chic.

Get the Look...

The Sky's the Limit:

On a Budget:



  1. Love that coat! Black looks so good again.
    FFM I hope you are well, I've been meaning to come by and wish you a Happy New Year. I hope the family is all doing well too. xoxDani

    1. Thank you Dani! We are all doing well here. We've got lots of changes taking place right now that are keeping me incredibly busy, so I haven't had much time for visiting all my favorite blogs, or for doing much blogging myself. Thank you for thinking of me, and for stopping by! I hope that you and your family are having a very Happy New Year, as well! :)

    2. I'm happy you're well and I hope all of the changes are really good ones! :)