Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yes Please!!!

One of the things we have been looking forward to the most from our move to Montana is the hiking. There seems to be a hiking trail just about anywhere you look here, the scenery is gorgeous everywhere you go, not to mention that it is really nice to 'unplug', get away from town, and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Now coming from central Florida we did not have many places close to us to do much hiking, not to mention that most of the year it is just too hot to really enjoy going. Living in Montana is a completely different story however, so I have been on the search for a really good pair of hiking boots to hit the trail with, and think I may have found them...the Ahnu 'Montara' Boot.

I had the opportunity to try a pair of them on last week at the Cabela's in Kalispell, and fell in love from the first step. They are very comfortable on, excellent quality, waterproof, have a rugged outsole for extra traction and durability, feature the famous Numentum™ technology which provides stability and support in the instep, they run true-to-size, come in a variety of colors, and the online reviews are very favorable overall...I think that I have finally found the hiking boot for me!

What are your thoughts on the Ahnu 'Montara' Boot? Do you own it, or have you tried it on? If so, would you recommend it? If not, what other brand and style of hiking boot would you recommend? Please do share...I always love to hear from you! :)

Have a lovely day!

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