Friday, October 31, 2014

Fitness Simplified: Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag - My New Daily Workout

When my boys were babies, and I spent the majority of my days picking them up, carrying them around, loading a stroller in to/out of my SUV, etc., my upper body strength was good, and I had a lot of definition in my arms. Over the past 5 years (after getting rid of all strollers), I have been able to keep the tone and strength at a decent level by doing water aerobics (when I had a pool), push-ups, Tae-bo videos, and a bit of weight-training.

However, as I mentioned in this post at the beginning of the month, I can tell that my body shape and metabolism are changing the older that I get, and even though I do not feel as if I have added on any pounds, many of the clothes that fit me two years ago do not fit the same way now. My arms have started to soften up, and the tone they once had has been decreasing, along with my upper body strength.

I knew I wanted to change up my workout routine to incorporate more upper body training, so a couple months ago, I purchased the Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag to add to our home gym. I started out using the bag for 10 minutes after my walk/run on the treadmill, and continued to increase that length of time little by little. Now I have been using it solely as my daily workout routine, and have really been enjoying the workouts. Not only does using the bag help to create muscle definition quickly, but it gives me a really good cardiovascular workout, as well.

The online description reads:

"The Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag is a specially designed boxing accessory that can be set up anywhere without the chains and ropes associated with traditional heavy bag installation. This piece of exercise equipment is ideal for both beginners and professionals and can help them out during their cardiovascular and anaerobic workout sessions. The Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag has a compact base that allows for increased accessibility. This product can fit in even smaller workout rooms and is great for home use, even in apartments. This item features a tri-disc foam structure that provides you with maximum energy dispersion, and power transfer ring collars (PTR) offer superior impact absorption and recoil. Feel free to punch with power; this free standing boxing bag has PowerCore steel plate technology that improves its overall strength for durability. Get the Everlast PowerCore Free Standing Heavy Bag and get started with kicking and hitting for a great workout.

Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag:

Tri-disc foam structure provides maximum energy dispersion
PowerCore steel plate technology improves overall strength
the PTR (Power Transfer Ring) collars offers superior impact absorption and recoil
Compact base allows for increased accessibility
Will give you a great workout
Does not need chains or wires like traditional heavy bags
Great for home use
Use for cardiovascular and anaerobic workouts
Can be set up and used in small spaces
Made with Nevatear Technology, a layered mix of synthetic leather and webbed latex for superior durability"

Upon arrival, the heavy bag does need to be assembled, and the base of the bag needs to be filled with either water or sand to hold it into place when it's being used. We chose sand to fill ours with, and it has worked out really well. The base of the bag does move ever so slightly at times when it's punched or kicked extra hard, but overall it stays put, and allows for a really intense workout routine.

Along with the heavy bag, I also purchased the Century® Boxing Glove With Diamond Tech for myself...

*Athleta Runaway Top - Similar

The Everlast 8oz Pro Style Training Gloves for my three youngest boys...

And the Everlast 16oz Pro Style Training Gloves for my eldest son...

The boys enjoy using the bag as much as I do, if not more, and they really like having their own boxing gloves, too. :)

Overall I have been really pleased with the quality and performance of the Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag, as well as all the gloves that I purchased. I can already tell a big difference in the muscle-tone of my arms, and even my abs have begun to tighten up a I really look forward to my daily workouts now, which is definitely an added bonus!

If you are looking for a way to change up your workout routine, increase your upper body strength and muscle-tone, as well as get a good cardiovascular workout, then I would highly recommend giving the Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag a try. :)

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