Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Updated Review: GAP Military Parka w/IRL Pics of Smaller Size

GAP Military Parka

Back in August I featured the GAP Military Parka in one of my 'Yes Please!!!' posts, which can be seen here. As I shared in that post, I have been looking for an alternative to the Boyfriend Fatigue Jacket from J.Crew, which I wore on a daily basis earlier this year when we moved out to Montana, and have started wearing once again since the weather has cooled down. I've had it since last summer, but moving out west gave me the opportunity to finally put it to good use.

Well, I absolutely love the jacket and would like to purchase it in another color (or two). The problem with that is that J.Crew only makes it in one color right now, which happens to be a real bummer, IMO. However, I believed I had found a promising alternative in the Military Parka from GAP in the 'clean coal' colorway, and ordered it a couple days after my post. Well, it finally arrived in late August, and I posted my initial review here. I had ordered it in size Small because I wanted to be able to layer underneath it, but it ended up being too large, so I sent it back planning to try it in size XSmall. It was sold out for a little while, but then restocked online, so I was able to place my order a few weeks ago, and just recently received the smaller size. Here is the updated review with pics of the XSmall on me...

GAP Military Parka

From the GAP website...

Fabric & Care:

100% Cotton.
Machine wash.


Soft twill weave with quilted lining.
Long sleeves with elasticized cuffs.
Packable hood, stand collar.
Angled pockets with snap-flap closures, welt pockets.
Front button placket with hidden zip closure.
Drawcord ties at waist and hem.

Fit & Sizing:

Straight silhouette with an easy, slight oversized fit.
Hits at mid-thigh.

The parka arrived in one of the plastic packing bags, and was shipped in the grey poly bag that GAP always uses. I really wish they would send jackets, coats, and dresses in a box, but I doubt that will ever happen, especially since they ship for free on orders of $50+. Anyways, the parka did arrive a bit wrinkled, but I imagine with time as it hangs in the closet the wrinkles will start to fall out, or else it could be steamed if they are too bothersome.

My initial thoughts on the parka upon pulling it out of the bag were...a good heavy weight, quality construction, nice color and fabric. The parka seems to run on the large side, and it was too big on me in the size small. Was it doable? Yes, but I decided to exchange for an xsmall, which not only looks better, but also feels more comfortable, and I can still layer underneath it if I need to.

The parka has a detachable hood...

There is a zipper, as well as buttons up the front of the jacket, along with ties at the waist (they are actually just above hip-level on me), angled pockets, and welt pockets...

The parka has a quilted lining, which makes it quite warm worn on it's own, without the need for extra layering...

Overall, I think the GAP Military Parka is a well-constructed, quality garment that is worth the retail price, and even more so with the extra % off discounts that GAP offers on a daily basis. I do think the sizing runs to the large side, so stick with your regular GAP size, or size down one if you do not plan on layering underneath it, or simply for a more fitted look.

That's it for now...what are your thoughts on the GAP Military Parka? Do you own it, or have you tried it on in the store? Are you thinking about purchasing one for your self? Please do share...I always love to hear from you!

Have a lovely day! :)


  1. Hi Melissa - the smaller size looks great on you! Actually the S didn't look bad, particularly if you were wearing with leggings or skinny jeans, but the XS looks like it fits a whole lot better with still, room to spare.

    It's funny, you made a comment somewhere about wishing JC would make a quilted fatigue jacket, and then they came out with one this season. But I saw it in-store and in my size, and I tried it on but I really disliked the color blocking effect. It's the rare situation where I much prefer the GAP version to the JC.

    Thanks to the online comments, I ordered down in this jacket -- I am nearly always a size S in GAP tops b/c of large shoulders, but at only 5'2", ordered both the XS petite and S petite and found the XS P fit much better. But because of the return-my-mail-only for this item (I am horrible about mail returns), I ended up keeping both as it is really a great quality jacket, esp. for GAP, and a great price with the ever present GAP discounts, and even in I don't use the S (with layering) my 9 year old daughter will likely grow into both fairly soon -- my husband is 6'3" and she is already 4'10" so it's a pretty sure thing.

    Thank you for the updated review -- have a great week!

    1. Thanks Audrey! I don't blame you for keeping both sizes, especially if your daughter will be able to use one of them in the future. I also got mine for a really fantastic price, so it's sort of a 'no-brainer' as to whether I should keep it or not. I know I'm going to be glad I did once the temps start to drop, and I need a warm, casual jacket to wear. Enjoy your day! :)

  2. We bought a lot on the mountain and are building a cabin. Despite the fact it's in Arizona, it gets cold and snowy! I was thinking I needed something for that weather. This looks like a great option and I can leave it up there to wear when we go up. Thanks for the review!

    1. Oh wow, Desert Flower...that is fantastic news! I'm sure you must really be looking forward to the cabin getting finished so you can go stay. I think this jacket would be a really great option for your visits there. If you can't catch one online, you can contact Gap CS to do a store search for you. I cannot remember if it was available in tall sizes or not, but it's worth asking just to be sure. Otherwise the regular length is pretty long, so it would still give you good coverage. Have a great day! :)