Thursday, November 6, 2014

Life Simplified...Thankful Thursday

Life can be difficult or stressful no matter your circumstance...where you live and work, whether you're married or single, have a child, lots of children, or no children at all. I believe that in these times it is extra important to think of all the good things in your life, no matter how small, as it really does help to put your focus on the positive. Instead of being caught up in all the 'bad stuff' happening in your life, it can help to change your attitude into one of gratitude, making your present life and circumstances much more enjoyable.

Today I am sharing another 10 Things on my list that I am Thankful for on this Thursday...

1. God's Gift of Eternal Life.

2. The privilege and right to vote.

3. All the Veterans who served so that we can live in a free country. I am forever grateful for their service.

4. Finding really great bargains at the market.

5. Rainbows.

6. Friends.

7. Soft, fluffy pillows.

8. Warm blankets.

9. Banana Bread.

10. Fresh orange juice.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Hi Melissa, thx for all your reviews, they are very helpful. I especially enjoy your mad well reviews. Wondering if Madewill coats run true to size. I am 5'4", 110 pounds. Any sizing information you can give me would be great I am specifically looking at item be 4174, the checkmark zip coat.

    1. Hi Annie! I have not tried any of the coats at Madewell, but I do have several of the jackets and find them to run true to size. However, if you have broader shoulders like I do, then sizing up is usually best, as I find the jackets and shirts at Madewell to be more narrow through the shoulder area. For example, I can wear the XS in the Outbound jackets, but they fit best when I leave them unbuttoned, otherwise they pull at the shoulder area. The small jackets fit well in the shoulder but are not as fitted through the bodice, but I can button them comfortably, so I usually size up to the small. As for the checkmark zip coat...I have emailed my VPS to get actual garment measurements and will post them here when I hear back from her. That should help in figuring out which size you should order. :)

    2. Hi Annie - I received the measurements for the jacket in sizes XXSmall, XSmall, & Small:

      Length from Highest Point of Shoulder XXS-34 in. XS-34 1/2 in. Sm-34 1/2 in.
      Across Shoulder XXS-19 1/2 in. XS-20 1/2 in. Sm-21 1/2 in.
      Chest Circumference XXS-40 1/2 in. XS-42 1/2 in. Sm-44 1/2 in.
      Waist Circumference XXS-38 3/4 in. XS-40 3/4 in. Sm-42 3/4 in.
      Low Hip Circumference XXS-38 in. XS-40 in. Sm-42 in.
      Front Body Length from high point of the shoulder XXS-34 in. XS-34 1/2 in. Sm- 34 1/2 in.

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions! :)

    3. Thanks so much Melissa, really appreciate going above and beyond, think I will try the small, like to layer and don't like coats too tight. Will let your followers know how it works out!

    4. You're very welcome, Annie! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the coat once it arrives. :)

  2. Hi! Just wanted to thank you so much for your continued posting of your outfits. I have noticed often that you use a crossbody bag and I think it is very flattering on you as well as adding a lot to your outfits. I had never really even considered using one until I kept noticing how nice they looked "on" you. Well, I went to my Dillard's and found a Dooney& Bourke crossbody for an unbelievable price. I bought one in grey nylon. I LOVE it!!! It holds all I need for errands and it really is the finishing touch to my outfits. I am just amazed and I owe it all to you!! I received an email from Dillard's today and I am going to buy two more; just trying to decide on the colors.

    Thank you again! I appreciate all of your efforts!
    Southern Lady

    1. Oh that is so fabulous, Southern Lady! Which D&B crossbody did you get?

    2. I purchased the nylon three zip crossbody bag. It is quite flat and has one zipper across the top and the two other on one side. I put my iPhone, Kleenex, money, etc. in the top zip area as it is the entire size of the bag. Put credit cards, ID holder, etc. in one side zip area and my keys in the third zip area. It works well for my errands and is so cute with my outfits. I just ordered online the same bag in navy.

    3. What a lovely bag! I also have to tell you that once you start carrying a crossbody it is very difficult to go back to carrying a normal handbag. I have quite a collection of bags, and the only ones that have seen any major amount of use over the past year or two are my crossbody bags. I am always looking for new ones to add to my wardrobe, too. :)