Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Now at J.Crew - New Arrivals + Extra 30% Off Full-Price Styles - 40% Off Promo-Priced & Sale Items - My Personal Picks with Links to Reviews & IRL Pics - HOLIDAY!!!

J.Crew is offering an Extra 30% Off Full-Price Styles plus an Extra 40% off Promo-Priced and Sale Items with code HOLIDAY at checkout until 11.30.14.
They have also added some New Arrivals to the website...YAY! I have not yet had the chance to look through all of them, but will be sure to share another 'What I'm Loving' post when I do. :)

In the meantime, you can click here to see all the new arrivals, and be sure to take a peek at my personal picks for the HOLIDAY promo below.
The arrow to the right of the photos will take you to the second page of my picks...lots more to love there, too. My thoughts on each item, as well as links to reviews & IRL pics from myself and other bloggers are below the group of images. :)
1. Double-cloth lady day coat with Thinsulate® - I own this in black, and it is so lovely.
Perfect piece for wearing over my dresses and skirts, although it will work just as well worn over denim or pants.

2. Majesty peacoat - I have always loved this coat and now that I live in a cold weather climate, I may actually end up getting one.

3. Chateau parka - love this one! The silhouette, the beautiful colors, and of course the faux-fur trim on the hood is my favorite part of the coat, too. (Fivesouth reviews it here - see it here on What Jess Wore.)

4. Schoolboy blazer in navy - I have owned my navy schoolboy for several years now, and have never regretted the purchase. Such a classic, not to mention a staple piece for every woman's wardrobe. (See it here on Fast Food & Fast Fashion.)

5. Ludlow blazer in Italian wool flannel - I have a similar one from many years ago, and wear it on a regular basis with denim during the fall. Not only is it perfect for the office, but can be worn casually, as well.

6. Schoolboy blazer in velvet - so lovely for the cooler weather months, not to mention special occasions during the Holiday season.

7. Cambridge cable turtleneck sweater - so many pretty colors to choose from!

8. Collection cashmere getaway hoodie - I own several of these and wear them on a regular basis. (You can see them on me in several of my Instagram pics here.)

9. Classic merino long wool cardigan - love the longer length...wouldn't mind having one in each color.

10. Oversize stripe turtleneck - love turtlenecks and stripes, not to mention the 'roomy' fit, so this is a perfect combination. (see it here on Ema.)

11. Collection cashmere turtleneck sweater - very flattering and so many lovely colors to choose from, too. (see it here on Ema.)

12. Pop art rose tee - I have not worn a decorative tee in a long time, but this one looks really lovely on Rynetta. (see it on her here.)

13. Stretch perfect shirt in classic stripe - I own this in black, blue, & the pink that was offered a couple years ago. While I do wear them on their own, I think they look especially lovely worn under a blazer, jacket, or vest. (Polvyore set here and here of how I've worn them previously.)

14. Boyfriend flannel shirt in dark plaid - love the longer length and colors of the plaid. (see it here on Rynetta.)

15. Shearling-lined sweatshirt - this looks so cozy. I think they really could have done without the zipper, but at least it isn't too overly large. Especially love the 'hthr graphite natural' colorway.

16. Patch pocket skirt in stretch wool - love the longer length on this one. I have a navy skirt that I purchased from Zara a couple years ago that is similar to this one...very flattering and looks especially good with knee boots. I'm sure the J.Crew version is also flattering and hopefully even better quality than the Zara skirt I own.

17. Bonded herringbone dress - classic, understated, incredibly chic.

18. Plaza skirt in tweed - this is such a cute silhouette. Even though it's on the shorter side, it could work with tights for those of us who prefer longer lengths, and of course works perfectly for the ladies who are petite. (see Audreybella's review here.)

19. Toothpick jean in black - I own these in the tall version and quite like them. I really did not think I could wear a 'toothpick' anything, but these actually work on my 'athletic' thighs, and do not make me look or feel like a stuffed sausage, either.

20. Selvedge chambray shirt - I own the Japanese selvedge chambray shirt that J.Crew offered several years ago, and still wear it to this day. (see it on me here.)

21. Ever stretch toothpick jean in resin rinse - these are on my wishlist. I do already have a couple pair of skinny jeans to wear with my boots, so I'm waiting for a further markdown. Let me know if you've tried these, and what you think of them.

22. Union suit - so cute, not to mention super warm to sleep in when the temperatures drop.

23. Dreamy cotton pajama set in heart - I really like the heart print on clothing, and these PJs are so sweet with the tiny hearts, not to mention I'm sure they are incredibly comfy, too.

24. Pajama set in plaid flannel - love the colors of the plaid. Yet another cute set for Christmas morning and beyond.

25. Stripe market tote - if I were still living in Florida, I would snatch this one up right away. Absolutely love the stripes!

26. Pajama pant in buffalo check flannel - cute, cute, cute! (see them here on Ina.)

27. Calf hair clutch - love this!

28. Calf hair shearling scuffs - shearling and calf-hair...such a lovely combination.

29. Field boots - beautiful boot, especially love the kindling color. So nice that J.Crew offers extended calf sizes, too.

30. Laine suede boots - A classic boot to wear for many years to come. (See both the suede and leather version here on Ina.)

31. Collection Martina calf hair wedges - absolutely gorgeous! (see them here on Rose and here on Shopping with M.)

32. Harper metallic camo flats - these look very cute. I'm not much for wearing ballet flats, but I would definitely consider these, depending on how comfy they are, and what they look like in person.

33. MacAlister wedge boots - love these, especially in the nut colorway. (See them here on Ina's instagram.)

34. Moon pendant - adorable. Love the longer length chain plus the gold/silver combination.

35. Classic pavé link bracelet - I bought mine several years ago, and still get compliments every time I wear it. (See it here on Rynetta.)

36. Mail bird necklace - so sweet. I would also wear the little bird on a longer 30" or 34" chain.

37. Eribé collector's scarf in amazon- love the colors and pattern...definitely one of my favorites out of all the scarves currently at J.Crew.

38. Wool plaid scarf - love...especially in 'grey multi'. I actually ordered this one with the last promo, and expect it to arrive today. (see it here on Ina.)

39. Collection cashmere scarf in black plaid - cashmere and plaid...need I say more?

What do you think of the HOLIDAY promo? Is there anything on your 'must have' list? Are you planning to take advantage of the extra % off? Please do share...I always love to hear from you!

Have a lovely day! :)


  1. The Majesty peacoat! I've always loved it too, but the giant collar worried me. If you do end up trying it on or getting it, please review! :)

    1. Hi Amy! I tried one on a couple years ago, and don't remember the collar feeling too large at the time. I'll be sure to do a review if I do end up trying it again. :)

    2. Hi Guys! I also was a bit worried at first about the latest version of the Majesty peacoat having a wider (by ~1 inch) collar than its predecessors. Not anymore! If anything, I like this new version even better. I absolutely love this peacoat: great fit, very warm.

    3. Thank you so much NewJCA! It's definitely on my watch list, and I really hope I can snatch one up on super sale this year. :)

  2. Melissa, saw your post on JCA and thought I would comment here. Not all of us have those long legs like you :). I love a good 27" inseam, less dragging and tripping. But agree that really is a petite length. I have my Majesty Peacoat from a couple of years ago. It is still going strong, I mostly probably wear it once a week at least in the fall/winter/spring here in Colorado. The collar does not seem too big. I am still waiting for my scarf from Madewell!! after all the UPS delays they decided to deliver via Surepost so now waiting on the post office. Will post a review when I finally get it.

    1. Hi JRS! You know, I did think how that inseam length is really good for all the petite ladies and almost commented that they should have offered petite, regular, and tall lengths. I really do not understand their thought process on a lot their designs, and this is one of them. Guess they've saved me some money though, since that inseam length won't work for me, at least not on flannel winter pjs.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Majesty Peacoat. What color do you have? I have always contemplated the navy or a black one (big surprise there I know). My J.Crew scarf arrived by USPS, but unfortunately it is still in my mail box out by the main highway. We have gotten quite a bit of snow at our house, so my hubby is going to have to do some shoveling before we can get the car down the driveway to get the mail and run the errands I need to get done today.

  3. I have the light grey and just checked it is from FA 11 but would love the navy one. Yikes, that is a lot of snow. I won't tell you it is supposed to be in the 60s here tomorrow. I remember those days of having to drive out to main road to mailbox in Conifer. Now my mailman comes right to the door, I have a mailbox in the kitchen wall, still scares the cats when the mail comes flying through.

    1. It is quite a bit of snow, but supposedly the temps are going to be in the lower 40's later on today. That seems pretty warm at this point. :)

      I was able to get my scarf from the mail, and I love it. It's large, but not as large as the blanket scarf from Zara, and the colors are beautiful (especially if you love charcoal grey like I do).