Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Shopping Simplified: Winter Scarves

Since moving to Montana in February of this year, I have started to wear scarves on a more frequent basis...even more so now that the temps have dropped dramatically, and it is quite cold most days.

While I do have a fairly decent amount of scarves, most of them are not thick enough to actually work at keeping me warm, so I have been doing a bit of window shopping to see just what scarves are being offered this year.

Here are several I came across that look promising. Granted, some are made of acrylic, or contain viscose, but that seems to be the norm these days, unfortunately. At least they are cute and will still work at keeping you warm...let me know what you think of them. :)
1. Old Navy Plaid Flannel Funnel-Neck Scarf
I ordered the black/white combo with 35% off and free 2-day shipping...hoping it's a winner!

2. Ralph Lauren Cashmere Waffle-Knit Scarf
I can just imagine how soft and cozy this one is. Love all the's on sale too, btw.

3. Old Navy Chunky-Knit Ombre Infinity Scarf
This one is on its way to me too, in the black multi stripe colorway.

4. J.Crew Abstract Fair Isle Scarf
Love the colors and print, not to mention it looks as if it would be incredibly cozy.

5. Simply Soles Double Side Plaid Scarf
Love the colors and the fringe trim.

6. J.Crew Eribé Collector's Scarf in Amazon
I really love this. The colors are divine, plus it's 100% lambswool.

7. Madewell Rangeplaid Scarf
This appears to be similar to the Portland Stripe Scarf, just different colors.
I own and love the Portland version, which I reviewed here...I'm sure this one is equally as lovely.

8. J.Crew Collection Cashmere Scarf in Black Plaid
Cashmere and of my favorite combinations.

Very cute and inexpensive too.

My pick is for the black version with stars...very cute!

So pretty...I would get the beige one.

Love this is all three color combinations.

This appears to be very similar to the Madewell Openweave Scarf which I'm wearing in this post. The one I have is very warm & cozy, so I imagine this version will be, as well.
I would personally pick the plaza green colorway, since the one I already own is red and blue.

Nice colors on this one.

Really love both colors.

I took advantage of the last % off promo plus free shipping and a J.Crew gift card to order this one in grey...really hoping it works out.

Once again, love both colors of plaid on this one.

Really like this one, and the price is decent, too. Will definitely look for it the next time I go to the Target in Kalispell.

Love the herringbone pattern...the fringe is cute, too.

So lovely. I have a lighter weight version, but would love to have this one for the winter months. Let me know if you see it in a J.Crew store or if it pops back online.

Love this! Granted, it is similar to the Target version which I already own, but perhaps the color is different enough to justify both?

Do you have a Winter Scarf Wishlist? Have you seen or tried on any of the scarves I've featured? Do you happen to own any of them? Please do share...I always love to hear from you! :)


  1. Great post!
    i just received JCs blanket scarf and the colors are lovely,but it is huge. I guess i have to figure out how to wear it.
    BTw. the blanket scarf that i got last year from Madewell is back in stock. It has the perfect size,color and soft feeling.

    1. Thanks Ina! I haven't received the one from J.Crew yet, so I'm thrilled to hear that the colors are really lovely. Too bad it's so large though. It's definitely not as easy to wear the blanket scarves as it is normal sized ones. Guess I'll have to see if I can make it work. :)

  2. melissa you are saving me so much time with these posts! yesterday i was in target to return some unused things from the wedding and had to see the look alike jcrew embellished sweater. i bought the gray one, it's so cute and will be perfect for so many upcoming events this winter. thank you so much! and the next time i pop into an old navy i'm grabbing those faux suede ankle boots. they are gorgeous and i won't buy new leather so these will be perfect. love all these scarves too. i have a blanket scarf from a few years back and i love it b/c it actually works as a blanket if you are out and yet lays nicely like a scarf when you need it too. x

    1. Hi Janet! Thank you so much for letting me know that my posts are helpful. I always appreciate hearing feedback. I'm glad you were able to find those amazing deals when you visited the stores. Let me know what you think of the Old Navy boots when you find a pair. :)

  3. Thanks Mellisa for this great post. I purchased the Madewell Gridflip scarf, have not received it yet but will post a review when I do. It was final sale but only $29.99 and I have been wanting a plaid scarf this year. Plus it got great reviews.

    1. That one is so cute, JRS! What a fantastic price, too. Madewell really does make great scarves. I've always been pleased with the ones I've purchased so far. I'm looking forward to your review of the Gridflip. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. So finally my Gridflip scarf arrived from Madewell and it was certainly worth the wait. Love the plaid and the red, really is different. It is basically two scarves in one. One piece is red with subtle blue lines, almost plaid and the other piece is a red/white and blue plaid. They took those two pieces and sewed them together so that each side is half of each. Gosh, I hope that makes sense. It is 100% wool, not real heavy but I think the wool will be warm. It got great reviews on Madewell site and I will be adding mine. It was final sale but with a recent promo only $29.99.

    3. Thanks for the review JRS! I'm glad you finally got it! Is the red a true red? Online it looks as if it could have a hint of burgundy in it. Thanks! :)

    4. Melissa, it is definitely a dark red, not orange at all. But to my eye I would say a true red.

  4. I really love the idea of infinity and funnel neck scarves -- I like to wrap my scarfs around so that they cover my mouth and nose too, and most "regular" scarves are too short to do that. :( My go-to scarf so far is a huge H&M one where I can wrap it in a way to cover half my face from the cold!

    1. Hi Amy! I think that infinity scarves are probably my personal favorite. I like not having to mess with the ends or try to keep them tied or 'hooked' together. I am really coming around to all of the larger scarves the colder it gets here. Like you said, they are perfect for wrapping around your face (and body) to keep out the cold. :)

  5. Great scarf picks! After seeing the ASOS one, I went to Target today to buy the dupe. The colors are lovely and it's very soft.

    Hope the Old Navy infinity scarf works out for you. I have one in burgundy and love it.

    1. Thanks lolcatgirl! I have one of the Target scarves and agree that they are very soft, and the colors are really pretty in person, too. My ON scarves did come, so I'll be trying them out to see if they work today. :)