Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Love This...

Classic. Understated. Effortlessly Chic.

Get the Look...

The Sky's the Limit:

On a Budget:
*Coat here or here
*Sweater here or here
*Bag here or here


  1. There's nothing more classic than a camel coat. I love this look.

    Since I don't need a camel coat in my part of the country, I bought a cape. Have you seen the site cuyana.com? I purchased a camel cape from the site and it is enough for the cool weather that we get here. I love the look and ease of a cape.

    1. Thanks for mentioning cuyana, Desert Flower. That's the first I've seen the sight, but it fits right along with my own personal views on wardrobe building and editing. How is the quality on the cape you purchased? Are you pleased with it?

    2. It is outstanding, Melissa. Very nice weight, well made and great quality. I highly recommend.

  2. Love this look too, Melissa. You always pick the best outfits for these posts!