Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cooking Simplified: Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups

Hello my friends! I hope you're having a lovely week so far! Today I'm sharing a recipe for a super cute dessert that is perfect for autumn celebrations...
Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups.
How cute are these? I came across the recipe not too long ago on Facebook. I have not yet had the chance to make them, but plan to do so in the next week, or so.
They appear fairly easy to make, and I just know the boys are going to love them! :)


2 Packages of Oreos


1. Make the pudding by following directions on the box
(whisk together pudding mix and 3 cups cold milk).

2. Use a food processor, Vitamix, or Ninja to crush the Oreos until smooth.

3. Layer the Oreos and chocolate pudding in a clear cup.
Oreos, pudding, Oreos, pudding, and top with Oreos.

4. Top with a Green Sour Straw candy cut in half (the pumpkin vine) and three pumpkin candies.

5. Serve with a spoon!

That's it...easy peasy, but so fun and perfect for autumn!
I'm sure the kiddos (and adults) will love them!

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