Thursday, October 22, 2015

J.Crew New Arrivals & 25% Off Your Purchase - My Personal Picks

J.Crew recently added another round of New Arrivals to their website, so I thought I'd share my personal picks with you. I must admit that it has been quite a while since I have shopped at J.Crew, or even taken a look at their website. Over the past couple of years I have felt that the quality and designs have been extremely lacking, and just did not have a desire to deal with those issues, or with the hassle of returns...opting instead to shop at my beloved Madewell or Sundance.
However, upon browsing Feedly, I saw mention of a Tippi Leopard Sweater (which of course immediately peaked my interest, as I am such a fan of anything leopard-print), and decided to take a peek at the J.Crew website to see if the new arrivals might offer something to my liking.
To my pleasant surprise, there are actually quite a few pieces that I find intriguing, and may just consider giving a try.

Take a peek at what I'm loving...

*Double-cloth long peacoat - I have always adored the peacoat. Add to that the longer length and gorgeous color options...what's not to love?

*Wool melton military coat with faux-fur collar - My guess would be that this is not actually new this week, but I like it just the same, especially in hthr charcoal.

*Chateau parka in stadium-cloth - I missed out on this one last year waiting to grab it on sale. Glad to see it being offered again in additional the red, grey, light blue, and black (not the actual color names).

*Nordic parka - Love in both colors! It actually reminds me a lot of my
Canada Goose Trillium Parka

*Regent blazer in red houndstooth plaid - I'm not really a fan of the Regent Blazer silhouette, but the red houndstooth is very lovely...imagine having a Bella jacket done in it!

*Tippi leopard sweater - I actually owned the original version from several years ago, sold it during a closet purge, and have regretted that decision ever since

*Pre-order Collection abstract fair isle sweater - Love the color, print, and the oversized fit...looks super cozy and warm, too!

*Shrunken boy shirt in misty forest plaid - Always love me a new plaid shirt to put in to rotation, and the colors on this one are some of my faves.

*Collection silk and lace blouse - Absolutely stunning! This would be a lovely piece to wear to a Christmas party.

*Collection suede shell top - Love this piece! Of course sleeveless is always tricky during the winter, but I'm sure I could figure something out. It would actually have been perfect for the weather we've had over the past couple of weeks.

*Thomas Mason® stewart plaid shirt - I have a similar shirt from several years ago that J.Crew offered, but it is starting to fade, and even feels a bit tight through the shoulders, so a new version in my wardrobe would be welcome. Not to mention that Thomas Mason® is known for their excellent quality and workmenship.

*Rayner wide-leg jean in black - I have always loved the look of a wide-leg pant, especially when the shorter versions are worn over knee boots.

*Fireside plaid scarf - Absolutely adorable in both colors.

*Collins tortoise loafers - So pretty, and a great way to give a bit of visual interest to your outfit.

*Clustered crystal necklace - This is quite pretty, and not too bold or overbearing, either. It would be lovely worn during Holiday Festivities, too.

*Crystal burst earrings - Love the 'vintage' vibe of this pair.

So that's about it for me, as far as the new arrivals at J.Crew go. What are your picks from the latest additions? Anything in particular that you have your eye on, or that you've placed an order for already? Please do share...I always love to hear from you! :)

**Looks like there's also an Extra 40% Off Final Sale items at here to shop that deal.

***On another note, I shared a little bit about my Montana small town living and online shopping
in this post...stop by to say hello and share your thoughts. :)


  1. Hi Melissa, glad to see you commenting on J Crew again, missed your posts but like you I don't shop there nearly as much as past years. I also like some of your choices and wanted to mention that the Clustered Crystal Necklace is lovely IRL, not too shiny or over the top.

    1. Thanks JRS! I'm hoping that with Somsack Sikhounmuong supposedly at the helm of women's design, that J.Crew will start to turn things around again. I doubt the quality will ever return to what it once was, but at least maybe the designs will take a turn for the better. :)

    2. Thanks for the info on the necklace, definitely shows potential as a sale purchase for the holiday season.

  2. Three of your picks i saw in real life: Tippi leopard sweater ( super soft), the fire side scarf (its beautiful, my manager bought it) and the boyshirt in the misty forest plaid ( TTS and there is a pic on my IG).

    1. Thanks for all the info, Ina! Will be sure to check out the boyshirt pic on your IG! :)

  3. Hi Melissa, I have that Tippi, I bought it from a JCA but I don't think it was you. I like the original version better because of the darker background color. I also have the plaid shirt you mention and mine as yours started to fade and is a bit small in the shoulders! I saw the Thomas Mason one IRL and it is smoother and more polished (a bit Brooks Brothers), I am not sure I like it as much. Madewell has some good alternatives too! I am personally a bit plaided out so I think I an going to take a break from buying plaid shirts this year, unless they release an extraordinary one ;-).

    1. Hi Ema! Thanks for the info on the Tippi and Thomas Mason shirt. I was looking at images of the older version leopard print again and like you, do quite like the darker background. I'm disappointed that they have now excluded the new one from the promo, along with the silk blouse in the leopard print. I guess it shouldn't really be a surprise though, since it's not the first time they've done this. I have a lot of plaid shirts, but don't seem to wear them as much as I should, so I really shouldn't even be considering new ones. Tough to do when they come out with such cute ones though! :)

  4. Melissa we like many of the same things. I ordered the leopard Tippi, it arrived yesterday and it's a big thumbs-up. It has an ivory background than the previous one it's true, which to me is slightly dressier, it looks amazing with my black wool a-line skirt I bought last year at JCrew, the one with the slit at the front, and my Colette black suede heels, and pearls. The ivory background speaks well to the combination of pearls and black, I think it's super-classic. But it doesn't look as well with denim as one with more brown tones, in my opinion. I also tried it on with black wool capri pants and it looked great.
    I ordered a few things but that leopard Tippi is the only thing I'm keeping. The leopard silk collarless blouse was way too large on me in my regular size 2. The merino sweater dresses, I ordered both, while quite flattering and a nice wool have quite a low v-neck, to the point that they showed the tip of my bra and lots of cleavage. I won't be able to wear them to my volunteer job or to any meetings so they're not going to work for me.
    I think the coat selection this year is amazing, I just love all the colours!
    Thanks for sharing your picks I always enjoy them. XO

    1. Hi Dani! I'm so glad to hear that the leopard Tippi is a keeper for you! I can just imagine how stunning it will be on you paired with the black capri pants...perfect for a cocktail party. Too bad about the fit of the leopard silk blouse. I take it that you aren't reordering in the smaller size, though? Is the quality lacking, or will you consider it again as a sale item purchase? The sweater dress is so pretty, it's too bad the neckline drops so low on it. You would think they'd make it a bit less revealing....seems as if the majority of women would appreciate one that's more modest. Like you, I am loving the coat selection. Now that I live where I actually get to wear them on a regular basis, I can easily imagine overdoing it on coat purchases, if my budget allowed for it. Thanks for stopping by! I always love it when you pop in for a visit! :)