Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sundance New Arrivals - My Personal Picks

At the beginning of last week, Sundance sent out an email to let shoppers know that over 200 New Arrivals have been added to their website. As always, there is much to love, so I thought I'd share some of my personal picks with you...take a peek at what I'm loving:

1. Call of the North Moto Jacket - absolutely love the jacquard embroidered detail combined with the ruggedness of the leather. I would absolutely wear this in a heartbeat.

2. Natasha Coat - love this, especially in black. I am a sucker for anything embroidered, and this coat is no exception.

3. Wolf Creek Zip Sweater - Yes please!!! I really wish I had this to wear right now...sadly out of my budget at the present, but will be hoping to catch it on sale.

4. Breathtaking Moments Cardigan - love the colors, length, silhouette...everything about it.

5. Merida Turtleneck - I want one in all three colors.

6. Everdeen Top - I'll take one in the 'fig' colorway, please.
Absolutely gorgeous, and a perfect piece for fall.

7. Through the Woods Tee - I absolutely adore these style of tees! I already own the
Folk Art Paisley Tee, and it is just so lovely in real life. That specific tee I do find to run tts/slightly large, so my guess is that this particular tee will be the same as far as fit goes. I suggest that you go with the size you normally wear if you're purchasing.

8. Wild Flora Tee - So very pretty with all the seed beads, appliqued yarn, and soft, matte sequins on the floral embellishment. This is a great layering piece, and will work well for the springtime, too.

9. Brilliant Sky Top - Love this...such a fun tee for the wintertime! This would be cute on Christmas morning with a pair of plaid PJ pants, too. :)

10. Dulcet Tones Tee - I would seriously love to have one in all 3 colors. Absolutely beautiful, and a great piece for creating a 'casual chic' look.

11. Raine Tunic - I do not yet have an aversion to mohair (I haven't had much of a chance to wear it a lot), but I know some people do. I would definitely be willing to give this one a try, as I love the color, length, and large turtleneck

12. Velvet Shadows Skirt - Absolutely gorgeous! Perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner, a Christmas play, dinners out...unlimited possibilities really.

13. Duotone Jeans - Really, really like these a lot! I imagine they would be extremely flattering on, as the dark panels on the inner and outer thighs should have a very slimming effect on your leg overall. I, for one, can use that extra added help. :)

14. Artist's Palette Necklace - So lovely with all those gemstones, not to mention extremely versatile. The perfect accessory for a casual chic look consisting of a tee, cardigan, jeans, and boots.

15. Infinite Charm Necklace - pretty, pretty, the double-tier and handcrafted charms.

16. Revels Necklace - So stunning! I am just such a fan of longer length necklaces, and this one is no exception. The price tag is pretty spendy, so it would have to be a definite sale purchase, but oh what a lovely investment it would be!

17. Snowdrift Necklace - I really like the contrast of the pearls and garnet on the leather cord. Quite the statement piece, yet still feels delicate at the same time.

18. Snowdrift Earrings - So very lovely...designed to go as a set with the necklace above. I think the two pieces together would be quite stunning.

19. Skydive Earrings - Absolutely gorgeous color, and I especially love that they combined it with sterling silver.

20. Artist's Palette Bracelet - Companion to the Artist's Palette Necklace, and equally lovely. Not sure I would wear them together, but anything's possible. ;)

21. Serenade Bangle Set - What a lovely addition to any woman's wardrobe.

22. Congruence Ring Quartet - Isn't this set just so pretty? I have a couple different sets of stacking rings that I purchased from Madewell, and really like the versatility the sets offer.

23. Green Centerpoint Ring - Love the simplicity of this piece.

24. In Alignment Ring - Such a stunning piece! How lovely would it be when paired with the bangle set above?

25. Eternal Joy Ring - Yet another gorgeous piece! Out of my budget, unfortunately, but still added to my wishlist in hopes of a supersale to come.

What are your thoughts on the new arrivals at Sundance? See any items you might want to try, or that happen to be a definite 'must have' for you? Have you seen any of the pieces in person already? Please do share...I always love to hear from you! :)

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