Saturday, November 21, 2015

Your Kiddo/Kiddos Are Going to LOVE This...Get Texts from Santa!

Christmas Day is quickly approaching, and the Holiday Season is now in full swing. To parents the day seems to often come all to quickly, but to boys and girls, the last couple of weeks before Christmas Day can seem like an eternity. This year, why not make your kiddo's wait for that special day a unique, fun, & even more exciting one with daily Texts from Santa?
Each day leading up to Christmas, at least one unique text will be sent to the number indicated in your order from Santa himself! All messages are guaranteed to be fun, friendly and enjoyable for people of all ages.

Texts are personalized and will countdown to Christmas, engage kids in fun Christmas activities, and describe what Santa and his team of elves and reindeer have been up to that day!

The 25 days of texts are only $9.95, but Use Code TEXT30 to Save 30% Off Your that! Click here to take advantage of the special opportunity and savings.

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