Sunday, January 31, 2016

Now at H&M: New Arrivals & Free Shipping on Orders of $50+ Take a Peek at My Personal Picks

Earlier this week, H&M sent out an email letting shoppers know that they had added new arrivals on to their website, plus shipping is FREE on orders of $50+ with code 3296 until the end of today.

The last time I visited an H&M store was several years ago when I lived in Florida. I found a really cute dress for under $10, and was pleasantly surprised at how many other nice items they offered, all at reasonable price points. At that time, it seemed as if the majority of the merchandise was on the mid to lower end of the quality spectrum, albeit still very decent for the most part, and the price points were of course low and reasonable. As of late though, it appears that they are offering a decent mix of mid to higher quality merchandise...all still at reasonable, less spendy price points.

Since an H&M store recently opened up in Missoula, I thought I would check out the new arrivals online to see if an upcoming road trip might be warranted. In the meantime, let's do a bit of online shopping together, shall we? Take a peek at my personal picks below...

*Biker Coat - love the color, silhouette, and the quilted faux-leather sleeves...very chic.
*Imitation Suede Coat - gorgeous! Love the length, shawl collar, and overall silhouette.
*Wool-blend Coat - so chic...loving the shawl collar and oversized houndstooth pattern.
*Beaded Jacket - so lovely and unique with the beaded embroidery on jacquard weave fabric.
*Leather Jacket with Tie Belt - gorgeous color and lovely silhouette. This one is on the spendy side, but not really unexpected seeing as how it's the real deal, and not faux leather.

*Textured-weave Jacket - lovely in all 4 print/color combinations.
*Suede Jacket - one of my favorite colors when it comes to suede...really liking the silhouette, too.
*Jacquard-weave Jacket - adorable...reminds me of something that might be offered at Sundance, only much less spendy.
*Jacquard-knit Cardigan - perfect length and lovely patterned detail along the neckline, cuffs, and bottom hem.
*Lace-trimmed Sweater - very cute with the lace trim. A bit on the shorter side, so for myself, I would probably layer this over a longer tee or tank if I were wearing it.

*Striped Jersey Top - navy blue, stripes, 100% cotton at a fabulous price point...need I say more?
*Patterned Blouse - lovely color, pattern, and silhouette...the v-neck appears to be low, but could easily be remedied with a hook & eye closure, or simply wear a tank underneath for added coverage.
*Patterned Tunic - very cute, and reminds me a lot of this top from Sundance, which I actually own in both colorways.
*Patterned Silk Blouse - love this...100% silk, beautiful color combination, and the pattern reminds me of one that you might find at Anthropologie.
*Embroidered Cotton Blouse - adorable with all the embroidery, tassels, not to mention 100% cotton. Reminds me of a top you might find at Madewell, only less spendy.

*Long-sleeved Blouse - 7 different options to choose from on this one...
personally loving the black/white stripes, as well as the print above, which reminds me once again of something you'd find at Anthropologie.
*Chiffon Top - great piece for layering under blazers or jackets.
*Lace Jersey Top - how adorable in both colors! I would personally wear a camisole underneath, and pair it with denim, chinos, and camo or black pants.
*Jersey Top - excellent staple item for any wardrobe, and 6 colors to choose from, too...
of course I'm loving the black, taupe, navy, and striped versions.
*Sleeveless Peplum Top - lovely feminine silhouette - the white/black combo is my favorite.

*Printed Dress - adorable with the stand up collar and flounce sleeves. This would be great to pair with tights or worn over jeans or leggings as a tunic. The print is quite Anthro-like too, IMO.
*Chiffon Dress - another cute one. This one would also be great worn as a tunic over a pair of leggings or jeans. My favorite is the patterned version.
*Imitation Suede Skirt - absolutely adorable with the slight flare and buttons down the front.
*Knee-length Denim Skirt - great color and price.
*Leather Skirt - love the color, a-line silhouette, and suede pockets, plus it's 100% leather.

*Patterned Culottes - cute pattern and the wide-leg silhouette is one of my favorites when it comes to pants. These could be a potential less spendy option for the Dotty Wide-Legs.
*Chinos - these look like an excellent less spendy alternative to this pair from J.Crew.
*Patterned Wool Scarf - lovely in both colors...
*Patterned Cotton Scarf - 100% cotton and 2 adorable colors/patterns - my fave is the rust red.
*Boots with Tassels - love the tassels and decorative straps.

That's it for now...what are your thoughts on the new arrivals at H&M?
Do you have your eye on anything in particular? Please do share! :)


  1. Melissa, thanks for the heads up on H&M. I have a large store very close to my house and rarely go in, hate all the unnatural fibers. But liked the look of the striped jersey top so I was off from work today and stopped in. I found it in white with navy stripes, I loved it, ended up with an XS, so it is not so oversized on me. Great quality, very thick and organic cotton to make it even more appealing. They also had one similar with zippers down the sides but liked this one more.

    1. You're welcome JRS! Thanks for stopping by to let me no about the striped jersey top! I'm so excited to hear that it's nice IRL! I'm also pleased to know that H&M is offering more natural materials, and at decent price points to boot! I plan on making a road trip to our store in Missoula soon to check everything out. :)