Friday, April 15, 2016

Shop It: Maxi Dresses - Take a Peek at What I'm Loving...


As I shared in this post last month, I absolutely love, love, LOVE maxi dresses! As a matter of of the things I look forward to most about the spring and summer is that I get to take my maxi dresses out of hibernation to wear again. In my previous post I shared pics of several of the maxis that I will be wearing again this spring & summer, along with some of my personal picks.
Well, now that spring is fully in swing, a lot of retailers are once again starting to offer new styles of maxi dresses, so I thought I would share some of my personal picks with you.

Take a peek at what I'm loving...

What are your thoughts on maxi dresses? Do you love them as much as I do, or are they a 'no-go' for you? Do you own any of the dresses I have listed? Are you planning to buy a new maxi dress this year, or perhaps try one for the first time? Do's always fun to hear from you! :)


  1. Hi Melissa, Sorry to be OT but wanted to mention quickly just in case -- I spotted a Chateau Trench in Size 4 -- however, it's in the Barley color, not Fiery Sunset, which I know you preferred. Not final sale either.

    Re) Maxi dresses, i'm too short for them at 4'11" :-( Once the warm weather hits here in NYC though, I walk around in skirts or dresses, want my legs bare as can be. Ugh, the humidity, just thinking about it :-O

    1. Thanks TM93! The barley is not the most flattering coloring for my skin tone, so if I do end up with the coat it will be in the fiery sunset colorway. Thanks for thinking of me though!

      Have you tried a petite size in maxi dresses? I know a lot of places offer both regular and petite sizes (especially Anthro), so maybe that is an option? Or do you just not like the way they look on you because of your petiteness?

    2. Hi Melissa! I hear ya on the Barley blah, know exactly what you mean re) certain colors not being flattering on a skin tone! I recently bought & promptly returned one of those JC Flutter Sleeve tops in a yellow color ('Lemon Sorbet') It was such a vivid hue, almost chartreuse but it made me look even sickly :-O Didn't even take out it of the packaging! I'll continue to keep an eye out on the FS trench.

      I think maxis just don't flatter my frame and it's not just b/c of the petiteness, but also due to my broad shoulders -- I like to show my legs for a semblance of balance, if that makes any sense. (Even midi skirts are no friend of mine!)

      PS, Are you planning anything at Anthro? I have a 15% shopping code and I don't think I will use it by this Sunday. Happy to send it your way! (It's from that shopping survey that I'm sure you received as well)

    3. J.Crew yellow shades never work for me. They always offer the nearly neon colors that make me look wretched. I would love to see them offer a soft, pale yellow...I don't remember seeing one for a very long time.

      Are you sure you're not going to use the Anthro code? There is an item or two that I would like to try, but man, do I wish they were still offering the free shipping. Anthro shipping costs are the absolute worst, so I usually don't order anything unless it ships for free. If you definitely won't use it, then I'll take it just in case. ;)

    4. Positive! Just forwarded you the Anthro email to your blog email, check your spam just in case. I sincerely hope you're able to use it (& that each code isn't personalized or something like that.)

      YES on the soft, pale yellow!! Would LOVE. I don't like Neon Persimmon or Neon Sorbet or that family of colors, no bueno for my complexion either.

      And yea, I hear ya on Anthro. shipping, the worst!! Like others on EA have mentioned, it's not even as if they spring for boxes when you order some of their pricier things, like some of the bigger dept. stores (or even JC). Humph! Anyways, have a fab weekend if we don't chat again!