Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday - Take a Peek at My Latest Obsessions...

There are so. very. many. things on my wishlist right now...what about you? I personally find this tends to happen most frequently when the seasons change and a plethora of fabulous sales abound. What's a girl to do? Make a wishlist to check off, of course!
That's what I did, and thought I might as well share it with all of you lovelies.

Take a peek at what I'm loving and wishing for...

*Classic short-sleeve shirtdress in gingham - oh my goodness, how adorable! I do not tend to wear a lot of gingham or check pieces, but this is really too cute to pass up. Love the collar, sleeves, and overall silhouette.

*Long-sleeve striped maxi dress - this dress has gotten overwhelming rave reviews,
not only on the J.Crew website, but throughout the JCA community, as well.
I'm rather hesitant on the horizontal stripes and have my concerns about it enhancing curves that I don't want to highlight, but so far everyone I've seen the dress on looks fabulous, so it seems that it is universally flattering to all shapes and sizes of women.

*Botanique maxi dress - how gorgeous is this dress?
The beading on the bodice is exquisite, and I absolutely love the color and print...yes please!!!

*Salcombe beaded kimono - this is such a lovely piece. The muted colors are so lovely, and if you zoom in on the photos, you can see the beautiful beaded detail.

*Quilt ballet flats - I ordered these from Nordstrom a couple of years ago, but ended up returning them for some strange reason that I cannot remember. Big mistake!
They are one of the most comfortable pair of flats I have ever tried on, and I would love to add them to my wardrobe once again.

*Briarwood boots - Love, love, love these! I almost ordered when they first went on sale, but hesitated too long, and now they're sold out in my size...currently stalking for a popback!

*Cirque swing dress - The print and vibrant colors really add to the 'wow' factor of this one...definitely a statement piece! Not sure if I would prefer the regular length to wear as a dress, or the petite version to wear as a tunic.

*Suma tunic - ya'll know that I love me a good tunic, and this one is no exception.

*Lily lace blouse - So pretty and ultra-feminine...yes please!

*The Summer jean jacket - Such a great piece to wear over all those sleeveless dresses, tanks, & tees during the warmer months. I really prefer to cover my arms these days, and this is a great alternative to the shrugs and cardigans that I typically wear.

*Trench vest - Yes, yes, yes! Love this in all three colors!

*The Asheville saddlebag - this looks like the perfect size for a crossbody,
and all three colors are scrumptious.

*Moon and sun earrings - love, love, love! What a lovely design...the perfect way to combine metals. The dainty size makes them even more magical, too.

As you can see, so many pretty things to love.
I'll be hoping to check at least some of them off my list eventually...

What about you girls? Anything on your wishlist these days?
Do tell. It's always fun to hear from you! :)

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