Monday, October 10, 2016

Can There Ever Be Such a Thing as Owning Too Many Coats?

J.Crew Icon Trench Coat in Plaid Italian Wool

Can there ever be such a thing as owning too many coats? The answer is probably yes...well, I know it is a definite yes, but that never seems to deter me from wishlisting a plethora of them every time the cold-weather months come round again each year. Here are just a handful of the lovelies that I wouldn't mind having take up permanent real estate in my wardrobe...

What say you? Do you think one can ever own too many coats?
Are you coat shopping this season, or wishlisting for now like I am?
Do tell...


  1. Living in Atlanta it doesn't get too cold but cold enough. No coat closet came with my tiny condo so I have to be careful with coat purchases since I have no were but my regular closet to store them. In my perfect world I have a walk in coat closet off the front door and there lives all kinds of coats, different colors and sleeve lengths. Can you have too many.....nope, it's like shoes....always need more!

    1. Oh Barbara...I feel your pain! We have an extra room in the house we live in now for storing off season items, so I'm able to have one of those clothes racks on wheels that I hang all of mine on. Otherwise I would be in quite a pickle trying to keep all of mine. I love the coat closet in your perfect world...I want one, too! :)