Monday, July 17, 2017

True Story

The struggle is REAL... can anyone else relate?
In all honesty, I truly do enjoy mornings, especially early ones when it seems as if the entire world is still sleeping, and all is at peace.
I have been rising early for many, many years now to have my 'quiet alone time'... time to drink my morning cup of coffee, read devotions, pray, catch up on work, and basically begin my day 'all to myself' before my husband and boys awake.
I personally relish the little bit of 'me time' in the morning, getting filled up with God's Word, and communing with Him before I spend my day pouring out into and for everyone else...
the coffee and silence are definitely added bonuses. 💕😊💕

What about you? Do you rise early in the morning for coffee & quiet? What do you like to do during your 'alone time'? Do share... I always love to hear from you!

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