Friday, August 4, 2017

Tailoring Simplified: The Instant Button®

A personal 'go to' item in my wardrobe arsenal is the Instant Button®. I originally blogged about it here back in August of 2010, and have been using one ever since. Most of my jeans and pants end up being too large at the waist because I have to size up one to fit my hip/thigh area. I used to either wear a belt or have them tailored to fit until I discovered the Instant Button® (available for purchase here), which acts like a 'temporary tailor', allowing me to adjust the waistband of my jeans and pants to fit needle and thread required. They were invented by Dana Hanh Contey, who writes on her website:

"I am the mom inventor of the patent pending Instant Button®. Instant Button® is the original removable and reusable button that allows you to add or reduce your pants size instantly for that tailored fit, without requiring a belt or an alteration.

I designed the Instant Button® to solve the common problems that impact the waistline and therefore, the fit of the waistband. Whether you lose weight; you gained weight; you have that embarrassing gap in the back, or a missing button, the Instant Button® is your solution. No sewing needed.

No matter the situation, with Instant Button® is your solution. You will never need to use a safety pin for a perfect fit, again!

With thanks and kind regards,

Dana Hanh Contey
Mom Inventor & Founder"

So if you have the same problem with the fit of the waist on your jeans and pants like I do, then definitely give the Instant Button® a try...highly recommend! 💗
Click here to get yours now. Enjoy your day! 💕😊💕


  1. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I remember the original post& this was just as fun the second time around. Within the next few weeks I will be vacationing at the beach & then heading to the mountains (Adirondack) . Hope to take a few daytrips to see some local waterfalls. Hugs, Dawn

    1. Hi Dawn! Thanks for stopping by! Your vacay sounds fun that you get to enjoy both the beach AND the mountains! Have an amazing time! 💕😊💕