Friday, May 31, 2019

Shopping Simplified @ Sundance: 20% Off on Orders of $100+ - Take a Peek at What I'm Loving...

Sundance is offering 20% off your order of $100+ with code EMABOA at checkout until 6.2.19.
This is an excellent offer, so if you're able to take advantage of it, then definitely do!

As I've mentioned many times before, I really love shopping at Sundance. Granted, many of their items can be quite spendy, but if you can catch them during a promo or on sale, they end up being reasonably priced, especially since the overall quality of their merchandise is excellent.

Click here to shop the deal, and take a peek at what I'm loving...

*cali kimono

Do you plan to take advantage of the 20% off $100+ at Sundance?
If so, what are you planning to get? Do tell!

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