Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Daily Ritual...

Can anyone else relate? Some days are worse than others, aren't they?
In what form do you prefer your daily dose? Coffee, tea, soda?

Personally, my daily dose of caffeine comes in the form of coffee...
preferably from one of my fave local coffee shops. However, when it isn't possible to visit,
Yuban Dark Roast with a generous splash of heavy whipping cream made at home does the trick.
This brand and roast of coffee really has such a nice flavor, and is quite affordable, as far as coffee prices go...I recommend giving it a try if you get the chance.
(Coffee also available for purchase here.)

I think that one of the best 'perks' of enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea, is all the different styles and designs of mugs available. Anthropologie has some really adorable ones here and here.
I also love this set and this set from Sundance. They would work well with my home décor, and just may go onto my wishlist, although I do already have several different mugs that I like to drink my coffee out of while at home.
Now for taking it on the road with me, I use a Bubba Mug similar to this one.
Bubba Mugs do come in many different colors and designs, so if you prefer something a little more 'flashy' or colorful, there is certain to be one that will fit the bill. :)

Does your daily ritual include a dose of caffeine? Do you have a favorite brand of coffee or tea? What about flavors? Do you drink yours with or without cream? How many cups per day?
Please do share...I always love to hear from you! :)

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