Monday, June 10, 2019

Road Trip - Stonehenge Air Museum in Fortine, Montana

Last fall my three youngest boys and I took a homeschool field trip to the Stonehenge Air Museum in Fortine, MT. The museum is home to over two dozen vintage aircraft.🛩️

The wonderful staff at the museum provide a fantastic tour, which explains the history of each aircraft, and story of how the museum came to be its home. The museum strives to preserve the histories of the aircraft in order to increase public understanding and appreciation of the history of military and civilian aviation, as well as the wonder of flight. The museum honors the contributions and sacrifices of not only the pilots and crews who flew and maintained the aircraft, but all veterans who served our country.❤️💙 The museum is also home to a true-to-size replica of Stonehenge...thus its name. 😉😎

If you live in Montana, or you are ever just traveling through, definitely consider putting a visit to the Stonehenge Air Museum on your list of things to do and won't be disappointed!

Images courtesy of Stonehenge Air Museaum FB page and myself.

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