Monday, July 29, 2019

From the Archives... J.Crew March 2008 Catalog

These images are from the J.Crew March 2008 catalog, and they were shot at the
Kaufmann Desert House in Palm Springs, CA. The cover pic above is one of my all-time favorites...
I love the way it shows J.Crew for the entire family, no matter the age.
I also love the styling, color palette, and choice of models they used back then, not to mention so many of the beautiful clothing pieces. πŸ’•

Do you remember this particular J.Crew catalog?
What do you think of the images in it? Did you purchase any of the clothing items offered back then? If so, do you still own them? Do tell! 😊


  1. Why is it still cuter than current offerings?

    1. I know, right? Not to mention better quality back then, too. I still own a few of the pieces from this catalog. If I had known the turn that J.Crew was going to take with their designs, I would have held onto much more from the archives! 😊