Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Shopping Simplified @ 'Targét'... Universal Thread

While I was shopping in Kalispell the week before last, I decided to venture into 'Targét' to see what they're offering these days. I will admit that it has been quite some time since I've been in the store to look at their clothing, so imagine my delight when I stumbled across one of their women's lines called 'Universal Thread' (which apparently replaced Mossimo Supply Co.) many cute things! Seriously. There are numerous items that I had to resist bringing home with me that day.
I kid you not. Take a peek...

In 'Squash'...
definitely more yellow, and a prettier color than the one in the online photo, imo.

Reminds me ever so slightly of this lovely from the J.Crew Morocco catalog way back in 2008.

It also comes in 'Spiced Orange'...

I would wear this one with leggings, or as a tunic over jeans.
Admittedly, the hanger does the dress absolutely no justice at all.
It really is adorable in person...reminds me of something you'd find at Free People
(a brand I happen to love, btw), only a whole lot less spendy! 💕💲💕

Sigh...imagine how much nicer the clothing would look on the racks at Target if they would just use a fabric steamer when putting them out on the racks. They do sell them in their store, after all! 😉

- Bringing back fond memories of my childhood in the 70's with this one. 😊🌼✌

And a handful of other lovelies from this brand that I didn't get a chance to snap pics of...
you cannot begin to imagine the looks I got snapping photos of clothing in our Target. Haha. 😁

*Zip Closure Crossbody Bag - in 'multicolor'
*Hummingbird Ankle Strap Sandals -
you have got to see how similar these are to this pair (in black) from Eileen Fisher,
only MUCH less spendy! 😎
*Lavinia Toe Wrap Thong Sandal -
these look to be the same style that I purchased from Target back in 2012, and they are still going strong. I still wear them 7 years later. You can see a pic of them in this post from 2014.

So what are your thoughts on Universal Thread? Have you had a chance to check out the line at your local Targét? Do you own any of the items I'm loving? Do tell! 😊

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