Tuesday, August 6, 2019

From the Archives... J.Crew September 2009 Catalog

These images are from the J.Crew September 2009 catalog. There were so many great offerings in this one, and I really liked most of the styling, too.
In fact, a couple of my all-time favorite J.Crew looks come from this catalog. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

One of my favorite looks from the catalog....
I still have my navy schoolboy blazer, and have always substituted in my
Italian cashmere henley hoodies to recreate my own version of the look.

Another one of my favorites...
I still have the selvedge chambray shirt, tissue turtleneck tee, and pearls.
Wish I had bought the Anton sweater back then, too.
To recreate the look, I would wear my Arrow sweater jacket (in black) as a substitute.

Remember this tee, girls?
I think most of us owned it at some point. I may still have mine tucked away somewhere...
need to check on that.

Still have a pair of Montebellos, too...

Do you remember this particular J.Crew catalog?
What do you think of the images in it? Did you purchase any of the clothing items offered back then? If so, do you still own them? Do tell! 😊

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