Friday, August 9, 2019

Road Trip - Kootenai Falls in Libby, MT

Happy Friday! How about a little bit of a 'Flashback' to get this weekend party started? Let's do it! 😁
This time we're flashing back to October 2016, and our Road Trip to Kootenai Falls in Libby, MT. πŸš™πŸŒ²

Kootenai Falls is the largest undammed falls in the state of Montana. It offers an unforgettable and breathtaking view as the Kootenai River loses 300 feet in elevation traveling a few hundred yards down river. The calm river suddenly gathers momentum surging first through China Rapids and then over Kootenai Falls, dropping 90 feet in less than a mile. The main falls is 30 feet high.*

The falls area is a sacred site to the Kootenai Indians who once called this area home. This was a place where tribal members communed with spiritual forces. In the early 1800s, David Thompson, a Canadian explorer and employee of the Northwest Company, travelled into the Kootenai river area and used the Kootenai River as a navigational guide through the area following Native American Indian and game trails. He portaged around the falls, following cairns — piles of rocks marking the trail — built by the Kootenai Indians. *

The falls are accessed by a foot trail from the parking area next to the highway. The dirt trail winds through the trees and has frequent scenic vistas of the river. Benches are located at the top of the trail, and large boulders can be used for resting stops as the trail descends the hill to the river. *

The trail goes through a special enclosed pedestrian bridge, which crosses over double railroad tracks, then winds down to the Swinging Bridge which overlooks the falls. *

During the Depression, CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) crews did a lot of work in the area constructing roads and bridges, including the first swinging bridge, across the Kootenai River.

View from the bridge, looking towards the falls...

Then down river...

Fun on the river bank after crossing the bridge...

A bit of exploring on the Kootenai Creek Trail, which follows Kootenai Creek up and around the open faces above Kootenai Falls before tying into Kootenai Mountain road.

Eagle's Nest...

Making our way back to the river to cross over the swinging bridge again...

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In conclusion, I will say that if you ever visit Montana, or happen to live in the area, you should definitely put Kootenai Falls on your list of places to visit.
The falls, trails, swinging bridge, & spectacular scenery all make for a fun day of adventure.πŸ’•πŸ˜Š

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