Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Small Town Living & Online Shopping

I absolutely love living in a small town. πŸ’•πŸ˜
There is a strong sense of community, the residents are very friendly, and the pace of life in general is much slower and simplified...something I thoroughly enjoy.

This being said, one 'downside' to life in a small town is the lack of merchandise available locally. Granted, there is a Walmart Superstore, Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply, and Walgreens, as well as a handful of local shoppes, but the merchandise disappears off the shelves very quickly, and takes what seems like an eternity to get restocked. There was actually a time several years ago when locals had to travel to one of the larger cities an hour or more away to shop for clothing, shoes, home furnishings, etc. However, the internet has changed all of that, and many now do the majority of their shopping online. UPS has several different drivers that deliver to our small town, and one of the trucks that comes from Kalispell always pulls an additional trailer behind it in order to transport all the boxes coming in to, and going out of our small town. Online shopping is really common place here and just about everyone I know shops online frequently.

Many of you already know that I have been blogging about shopping related subjects - sales, new arrivals, personal picks, etc. - for many years now. Shopping has always been one of my favorite pass times, even from the days when I was a little girl and would spend the day shopping with my mom. I even love to just simply window shop when my budget doesn't allow for purchases. I have always had a 'knack' for finding bargains, and love the thrill of the hunt! Haha.
Not only that, but I love to share my finds with friends, and help them score great deals and bargains, too. 😊

Now as far as shopping in general goes, I do not find myself doing as much of it as I used to (especially in the stores), but I do still enjoy a day out shopping to one of the larger cities every now and then, plus I really like to do lots of online window shopping.
As a matter of fact, here are some of my favorite places to shop online...

1. Amazon - I've had a Prime Membership for many years now, and highly recommend it!
I love the free 2 day shipping, not to mention the access to free movies, music, books, and more.
Amazon is the place that I would say I do 85% of my online shopping. In fact, during a conversation with the FedEx man awhile ago, he told my husband that anymore he feels as if he doesn't even work for FedEx, but for Amazon instead, due to the fact that the majority of his local deliveries are purchases made there. Seriously...everyone in our area shops at Amazon on a very frequent basis.

2. Madewell - As I've mentioned many times before...I absolutely love Madewell. The casual-vibe of their clothing works well with my lifestyle, the styling on the website stays more to the understated side, the prices are often more affordable than a lot of the retailers offering similar styles, and I love that they always offer Free Shipping on ALL orders when you sign up to become a Madewell Insider. The quality has been good on all the items I have ordered, and the pieces are all holding up very well so far. I've shared pics of me wearing a couple of the jackets, shirts, scarves, and a dress on my Instagram. I have to say, that if you haven't ever ordered from Madewell, you should definitely consider giving them a try.

3. J.Crew - Always a shopping staple and one of my 'go to' retailers for many, many years now.
I just can't quit you, J.Crew...even when your designs are lackluster.
At least I know I can always find a few 'hidden gems' in the mix.

4. Sundance - What can I say? I absolutely love the clothes, boots, jewelry, accessories, home furnishings...pretty much everything they offer. I have made numerous purchases from their website over the past several years, and have shared reviews of numerous items here on the blog.

5. Anthropologie - Love, love, love! The boho feel that many of the items have really appeals to my personal style, and I am always, ALWAYS able to find a lot of different pieces to love and long for.

6. Nordstrom - Absolutely love shopping there...free shipping and free returns all the time, 100% satisfaction guarantee, price matching and adjustments, alterations, and much more.
What's not to love?

7. GAP - I have not done as much shopping here for myself lately, but my second eldest son quite likes the fit of their shirts and pants, especially since they come in tall lengths, which he needs since he is currently 6'1". I really like that they are now offering free return shipping, especially since the nearest GAP is over 1.5 hours away.

8. Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply - Love this store! Tons of boots, hats, bags, supercute tops & sweaters, not to mention just about every style of blue jeans you can imagine. Add to that the men's department, kids', tools, home & garden, pet supplies, toys, and more...it is really a fun place to shop! We do have one here locally, but the majority of the time they do not have my hubby's size in stock, so I order online with free shipping. Fortunately they do allow in-store returns for online purchases, so if something doesn't work out, I just take it back to the store.

9. Walmart - Ok, so I absolutely love the buy online pick-up in store feature that they offer, especially since it's really our only 'large' store in town. There have been many times we have needed something for the car, a birthday gift...you name it, and I'm able to purchase it online, and then have my son run in to pick it up. Not to mention that our store frequently runs out of merchandise, so I can order items online, and then have them shipped for free to our local Walmart for pick-up. Believe it or not, I have actually had to have eyeliner shipped in, as my favorite always disappears off the shelf as quickly as it comes in.

10. QVC - Yes I know that some of their merchandise can end up being overpriced, but a lot of the time they offer really, really great bargains, and I absolutely love their easy-pay option...
sort of like a modern day lay-away plan, except that you get to use the item while you're paying for it over the course of a couple months or so. They seem to be offering very adorable clothing and shoe options more frequently, and have really stepped up their game on the fashion front over the past couple of years.

11. Lands' End - Really like that I can shop for my entire family there, and that the merchandise quality is always 100% guaranteed. They have really stepped up their game style-wise over the past several years, and I have found many things to love and purchase. Give them a try if you haven't already...don't like it, just send it back with no questions asked. You can also return in-store for free.

12. L.L. Bean - I've shopped with them many times over the years, and have been very pleased with the quality of everything I received. Love that they guarantee their merchandise 100%,
so returns are never a hassle.

There are a handful of other stores that I shop online at on a less frequent basis, but those will have to wait for another day to blog about (perhaps). So that's it for now...please do feel free to share your favorite retailers for online shopping, as well as your thoughts about the ones on my list.
Have a lovely and absolutely blessed day! πŸ’•πŸ˜Š


  1. I shop very little these days, having a well established wardrobe built up over time. I have the same issue that you do though, which is that my city is relatively small without all the shopping choices of larger cities. I think if i lived in a larger center I'd still shop online mainly. I prefer it for many reasons, not only the vast selection. It's much easier to comparison shop. When I'm filling a wardrobe hole, I like that I can find items on multiple websites and locate the best price.

    I'd never heard of Murdoch's. I'll go take a look!

    1. I much prefer online shopping too, SunnyDay. Even when I do shop in stores I constantly check my phone to make sure I can't get a better deal someplace else. Haha. Murdochs is a lot of fun! The website pics need help sometimes though. The merchandise is much better in person than it looks online.