Friday, September 27, 2019

Shopping Simplified @ Madewell: The Fall Collection has Arrived - Take A Peek At What I'm Loving...

The Madewell Fall Collection is available online now, and there is plenty to love! 💕
This is definitely one of my favorite seasons, so needless to say,
I am adding quite a few things to my wishlist.

Madewell describes the collection:

"Plaids like you’ve never seen ’em. Superfresh takes on stripes. Plus, all the cool coats, plush sweaters and, of course, great jeans you could possibly want."

Take a Peek at What I'm Loving...

What are you loving from the Fall Collection at Madewell?
Planning to give anything a try? Do tell! 😊


  1. Don't hate me...I don't wear plaid! Just don't like it on me, however, it works for a lot of folks. Coats are glorious! It's your outside outfit (since your real outfit often doesn't see the light of day) so I love a coat in a great color with an amazing scarf and pin. Cooler weather doesn't have to mean all black!

    1. Oh I could never hate you, barbara! Especially not over plaid! :) I do really love it, but don't wear much of it myself. I just don't feel like it looks that great on me.

      Agree completely about coats! I have quite the collection at this point, and always look forward to winter so that I can wear them again!