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I am CEO of my household and owner of this website, so I wear many hats which include wife, mother, home educator, domestic diva, bargain hunter, personal shopper, and style consultant to name just a few. I find great joy in sharing my discoveries of beautiful items and images, lovely clothes, information on sales, and any bargains I may come across. I love to help other women shop for items that enhance their wardrobe and personal body-type, making them feel good about themselves, and happy with their purchases. I have written numerous blog posts about planning purchases and staying on budget , as well as dressing for the size you are now. I have always had a passion for putting together lovely outfits and thoroughly enjoy styling looks for clients using a combination of new purchases and items already in their wardrobe, as well as helping them pack for trips and vacations to help ease the 'stress' of figuring out just what to take. I do offer online services which allow me to work remotely with clients anywhere in the world. Read what two of my 'long distance' clients have to say...

"I began working with Melissa after seeing several examples of her work.  I was very impressed with her ability to mix high and low end clothing items and create flawlessly put together, classic and timeless outfits.  I loved her style. It looked a lot like what I thought my style was. Unfortunately, my style was hiding somewhere under a bushel basket!  I contacted Melissa and told her I wanted to “shop my closet” as I had been a long-time “collector” of clothing and accessories, but like many of us, often found myself staring into my closet saying, “I have nothing to wear!” I knew this just couldn’t be true and all I really needed was a little help putting together the beautiful things I already owned. Melissa’s work became my inspiration and, in fact, inspired me to contact her and from there, I have never looked back! 

I could not be happier with Melissa's work and the confidence it has given me as I now look forward to dressing every day and for whatever occasion. I know I am always prepared!  Melissa has given me a new perspective on all things fashion, but most particularly on using accessories (jewelry, handbags, shoes) to complement an outfit. The right necklace, pair of shoes or handbag can “pop” an outfit and create that individual look that you can really own and love. I don’t believe I am completely without style myself, but what Melissa gives me is another perspective and another point of view.  Some of the outfits she created – while simple – use items I would never have thought to put together. Yet, Melissa’s ideas are always fun, fresh and yes, classic!   

Since Melissa started styling for me, many wonderful things have happened in addition to what I mentioned above.  I am frequently complimented while out and about – shopping, at work functions or just doing everyday errands. I’ve been “followed” around stores by sales people who recognize many of the items I am wearing (J. Crew!) and have told me how much they like how I have combined items – sometimes telling me over and over again!  Little do they know that Melissa deserves all the credit!  While I already feel fabulous wearing her sets, this type of attention definitely boosts my confidence!  Second, by far one of the better benefits of my association with Melissa, comes from my new found ability to pack like a pro! I travel often for work – sometimes for conferences lasting anywhere from 3 to 4 days to a week or more.  It was always so difficult and time consuming for me to decide what to pack.  Inevitably I would over-pack or bring things that didn’t go together, not enough accessories or the wrong pair of shoes or too many shoes.  Travel being what it is today, you really don’t want to over-pack a bag or be stuck paying fees for overweight bags or break your back toting an overstuffed valise through an airport.  Since Melissa and I started working together, my life has changed dramatically when I travel.  Before each trip, I now consult my “styling book” – a large 3-ring binder with printed photos of all of the sets Melissa has created for me.  I put these sets into sheet protectors and organize them by type of dress. For example “Dressy Casual”, “Business Casual”, etc. I pull the sets I want to take with me based on my knowledge of the type of events I will be attending during my travel.  I put those sets in a smaller 3-ring binder to take with me. Consulting my “travel style book”, it’s SO easy laying out the items I will wear, packing them neatly and having every confidence that I am totally prepared for each and every day while on business travel.  Plus, my suitcase is never overstuffed. It’s the most wonderful feeling plus I feel GREAT while I am away – totally “put together” and stylish and, most important, totally confident in my appearance!  Lastly, it completely eliminates the stress of being on the road and having to decide what to wear…because it’s all there and takes no effort or time to dress each day or for each occasion and you know you’ll look good!   

When it comes to fashion, it’s not an understatement to say that Melissa has changed my life. She has become my biggest supporter and cheerleader when it comes to style and about looking and feeling my best. My profession demands that I look professional and put together. Melissa helps me accomplish this but also gives me the opportunity to add a flair or touch to an outfit so I can express my own sense of personal style. I am more confident, more sure of myself and more willing to try things style-wise that I have never tried before.  She has truly become my fashion touchstone.  I highly recommend Melissa's styling services and encourage you to allow her to change your life, too!!!" 


            I found Melissa through the internet in connection with her stylish blog where she writes about all things fashion. I was very drawn to her sense of style which is current without being too trendy, classic, chic, and feminine with just the right touch of the unexpected! I am sure she will share some of her fantastic creations with you - her portfolio really speaks for itself.

I am a mother of 2 young kids, and a working attorney for an entertainment company in Los Angeles, so I need to look fashionable and put together for work without alot of effort. I also want to feel stylish when doing my mommy errands and on weekend outings. Melissa and I are geographically distant, but through the marvel of the internet and a truly amazing, publicly available, software called Polyvore, she virtually transformed me and my closet! I could not be more pleased with the results. Specifically, Melissa identifies gaps in my wardrobe and recommends clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and fun "odds and ends". As I purchase new items and as seasons change, she creates outfits or "sets" in Polyvore using electronic images of my actual items right down to the little details. This ability to see an outfit tailored for me on the computer (or printed out) is exciting, and helps me dress better and stress less about what to wear or pack.

"Since revamping my closet and styling an arsenal of work and casual outfits for me, Melissa styles outfits for my children and husband and for specific occasions - resort vacations, the holidays, summer events, and special occasions. I really like the resort looks she did for me and my Husband and boys for a trip we took to Palm Springs. Melissa also keeps an eye out for stylish items that would work well in my closet from avariety of retailers and apprises me about sales and promotions at the stores I like. She taps into many, many resources both on-line and in the brick and mortar world. She has also tracks down sold-out and hard to find items and ships them to me.

Melissa communicates very well, listens and incorporates her client's likes, dislikes and goals, and is just an absolute pleasure to work with. She is extremely professional and a genuinely nice person.” -lucegirl

If you would like to hire me to consult, shop, or would like to find out more about my services, send me an I'd love to work with you to create your own fabulous look that portrays you and your creative individuality.

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